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Three Common Insurance Claims Mistakes to Avoid Making

Three Common Insurance Claims Mistakes to Avoid Making

Three Common Insurance Claims Mistakes to Avoid Making

Suffering damage, destruction, or loss to your home or precious belongings can be difficult enough.  When you add the insurance process on top of that, things can become much more complicated.  If you have made the decision to file your insurance claim because the repairs will cost more than your deductible, you want to be sure to take the process seriously.  Trust our help to advocate for you when you file a property claims in Hillsborough County.  We will help prevent any large mistakes that can cost you money in your settlement.  There are a few common insurance claims mistakes that many policyholders want to avoid.

Cleaning Up

It may be your instinct to clean up any damages to your home or property after a storm is through or after the problem has been solved.  However, this is a big mistake that many people make.  Cleaning up before a company can come out to assess the extent of the damages can actually work against you.  This can cause people to assume that there is less destruction than there was, because they will only see the cleaned up area.  Call the adjusters before you start to clean up.

Not Taking Pictures

Once your property is destroyed or damaged, you'll want to take many photos of the scene.  Take pictures of all the damage, and be sure to take pictures from multiple angles.  This will give the adjusters a true vision of exactly what things looked like, and you will also be able to refer back to these images.  Having pictures can help you argue against low settlements and ask for more money, as you will have the evidence to support your stance.

Not Preventing Additional Damage

If it is safe to do so, you will want to prevent any additional damage from occurring.  Your insurance company may hold it against you if you do not mitigate any additional damage.  This is especially true in issues with water damage, as you can remove any electronics or other belongings and prevent them from being destroyed.  Although you don't want to clean up the area too soon, you should try to spare anything from being destroyed if it is safe to do so.  This can even involve placing a tarp over a hole in your roof or boarded up broken windows to prevent any additional damage from occurring.

These are some of the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to settling your insurance claim.  In order to situate yourself in the best position to get the most out of your insurance settlement, you'll want to avoid making these mistakes by trusting our professionals.  Our insurance adjusters will help you with your property claims in Hillsborough County so you can maximize your settlement.  Contact us to hear how we can help you today.

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