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Three Jobs Insurance Adjusters are Trained to Do

Three Jobs Insurance Adjusters are Trained to Do

Three Jobs Insurance Adjusters are Trained to Do

Have you recently suffered damages to your home or suffered from an auto accident?  Are you familiar with the insurance claims process?  When many policyholders go to file an insurance claim, they are confused about the process.  Because it is not common for people to file many insurance claims throughout their life, they may require assistance with the whole process.  The insurance company will work with them to assess damages, and the public claims adjuster in Hillsborough County will determine fault and evaluate the claim.  There are many jobs that insurance adjusters are trained to do to help you with the insurance claims process.

Investigate Accidents

Once an insurance claim is filed for an auto accident, insurance adjusters are sent on the job to figure out the details.  They will need to sift through police reports, determine who is at fault, evaluate the extent of the damages, and find a fair settlement price.  Their work is very similar to that of an investigator or detective, as it requires digging and evidence to figure out what truly occurred in the accident.

Evaluate the Value of a Claim

Once they determine the damages that have been done to vehicles, property, or homes, they will need to evaluate the value of a claim.  This will help insurance companies make a payment to the policyholder to give them money to repair damages.  Insurance adjusters work with witnesses, repairmen, utility workers, and other people who are experts on assessing damages.  This way, they can be sure that they are properly accounting for all the damages, whether they can see them or not.  Trusting expert opinions is another way to ensure that the policyholder is getting a fair evaluation.

Negotiate Claims

Insurance adjusters are also responsible for negotiating claims with both the policyholder and the insurance company.  They work hand-in-hand to make sure all of the parties are happy with the compensation of the settlement.  If the policyholder wishes to dispute the compensation, they can speak with the insurance adjuster before the compensation is paid.  The insurance adjuster is the point of communication between the two parties, which makes their role essential in the insurance claim process.  Also, if any litigation is opened due to a dispute of a claim, the insurance adjuster may have to act as the expert witness to help negotiate and settle the dispute.  They work for the insurance companies in the best interest of the policyholders.

These are just a few of the common jobs that insurance adjusters are trained to perform in order to assist policyholders with the claims process.  When you are struggling to file a claim, contact our public claims adjust in Hillsborough County to help you.  Contact us to hear about our services and qualifications today.

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