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Types of Damages Covered by Most Homeowners' Insurance Policies

Types of Damages Covered by Most Homeowners' Insurance Policies

Types of Damages Covered by Most Homeowners' Insurance Policies

Are you guilty of signing documentation that contains many pages of lengthy text without fully reading it?  When you have done this with your homeowners' insurance policy, you could be surprised when it comes time to file any property claims in central Florida.  With the potential for damages related to weather or home accidents, you should always stay familiar with your coverage and the extent to which you are protected.  Typically, most homeowners' insurance policies will cover a range of accidents that can happen from many unforeseen incidents.  There are the most common types of damages that are covered by most homeowners' insurance policies.

Wind Damage

Wind can cause damages to the exterior of your home, especially when you live in hurricane-prone areas like that in South Florida.  From blowing branches and trees onto your home and damaging your rooftop to breaking windows or ripping off your siding, there are many damages that can be done by heavy winds.  Exterior wind damage accounts for about one-fourth of the insurance claims.

Water or Fire Damage

The next biggest category is not related to weather, but instead related to accidents that can happen inside the home.  This damage can be caused by issues with plumbing or electric.  This can cause extensive water or fire damage that will require you to process an insurance claim with your homeowners' insurance company.

Hail Damage

Surprisingly, hail damage is another large category of property insurance claims causes.  Hail typically damages roof structures on homes.  This can cause homeowners to need an entirely new rooftop, which is an expensive repair.  This means that you'll want to file an insurance claim to receive compensation that will help you pay for these expensive repairs or replacements to keep your home safe.

Rain, Snow, and Ice Damage

Other weather-related damages also make up a bulk of insurance claims.  Whenever heavy rains come into your area, they can cause flooding and water damage in your home.  This can cause a loss of property, and it can require expensive restoration services.  Snow and ice can also cause issues with rooftops and exterior features that will need to be replaced.


Unrelated to weather, theft is another major cause of insurance claims.  Whenever someone suffers from theft or burglary in their home or business, they may have lost thousands of dollars in precious belongings or technology.  You'll want to file an insurance claims to receive compensation that will allow you to replace some of these items.

These are common types of damages that are covered by most major homeowners' policies.  If you are uncertain about your coverage, it may be time to check out your paperwork.  When it comes time for you to file property claims in central Florida, you will be prepared and fully understand what you deserve.  Contact us to hear how we can assist you with your insurance claims process today.

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