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What Will My Public Adjuster Do?

What Will My Public Adjuster Do?

What Will My Public Adjuster Do?

Have you recently suffered extensive damage to your property that has you frustrated and confused about what to do?  Whenever the damages that you've suffered occurred by unforeseen or accidental circumstances, like a storm or a water issue, you will likely be entitled to insurance money to help cover the costs of the repairs or replacements that are needed.  In order to estimate the cost of the damages, you will want to work with a public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL.  We will assist you through the insurance process to make sure that you are comfortable and treated fairly throughout the journey.  There are a few tasks that a public adjuster will handle for you during the insurance process.

Complete an Inspection

After your property is damaged, you will immediately want to mitigate any additional damages.  After this, you should pick up the phone and call a public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL to set up an appointment for an inspection.  The sooner you call, the more accurate of an estimate they will be able to provide.  We will complete an inspection of your property and the damages, destruction, and losses that have occurred.

Photograph and Sketch Damages

While we are inspecting your property, we will take photographs and draw sketches to accurately depict the damages and destruction of the property.  This is important when the insurance company would ask for proof or evidence of damages.  Always take pictures of any damages in order to protect yourself from a low settlement.

File Your Claim

Most people are surprised to learn that a public adjuster can also file your claim with your insurance company.  They will be able to start the process and show the insurance company that you have chosen your own adjuster.  This will be beneficial to you in the long run, as you will have the advocacy that you need to get the money you deserve.

Coordinate any Inspections or Repairs

Public adjusters have connections with many contractors and inspectors that may be needed along the way.  Depending on the extent of your damage, you may be calling on roofers, electricians, construction contractors, and many other professionals to provide you with estimates on the repairs necessary to fix issues in their field.

Attend Mediations and Other Appointments

Sometimes your insurance process will involve multiple meetings and appointments, and you'll be able to trust that your public adjuster will attend with you.  They will attend mediation to make sure that their estimates and professional opinions are taken seriously by the insurance company.  

These are five of the main tasks that a public adjuster will do when you are going through the insurance process after your property is damaged.  In order to get the settlement you deserve and have a professional along the way, you should trust the expert public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL to assist you with any property claims.  Contact us to hear how we can help you through this difficult time today.

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