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Five Steps to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

Five Steps to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

Five Steps to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season

Have you had a roof inspection recently?  Do you know that your roof is safe and secure?  Are you concerned with how your roof will react during hurricane season?  During times of heavy winds and rains, you will want to trust that your roof will protect you and your loved ones from the elements.  . Some tips for managing your roof for upcoming hurricane seasons.   To avoid making property claims in Orlando, FL if your roof is damaged during the storm, there are a few steps you will want to take to protect your roof from hurricane damage.

Get a Roof Inspection

Roof damages can be difficult to see unless you are up close and personal.  While you'll think you'll spot potential damages on your roof, a professional will be able to truly take notice of issues that you may not notice.  Make sure they check the condition of your shingles, gutters, chimney, and anything that's attached to the roof.  If the inspection shows that a repair or replacement is important, you will want to have those repairs done before the season gets closer.

Install Hurricane Straps

Hurricane straps, or roof tie-downs, are now a requirement in Florida.  Building codes signal that you need to have these to keep your roof from flying off the overall structure.  These hurricane straps are usually coated steel brackets that link a rafter to a stud.  Installing hurricane straps can be a difficult task, as they will go underneath your walls.  However, the value of putting in hurricane straps can save you from extensive roof damage, which can save you from expensive repairs or even replacements.

Trim Surrounding Trees

One of the most perilous yet overlooked steps you can take to ensure roof safety during a hurricane is to trim the trees in your yard.  After a hurricane passes through your area, one of the main things you will noticed are the trees, branches, leaves, and twigs scattered around the community.   These branches can pierce a roof.  If they are heavy enough, they are extremely dangerous to your roof’s structural integrity.  We suggest that you simply trim your trees and keep any trees from hanging over any structures or rooflines.  

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Keeping your gutters clean is also essential in ensuring that the water will drain properly from your home during times of heavy rainfall.  Hurricanes produce incredible amounts of rain, and without the right drainage system, water can pool on the roof, leak down your siding, and cause issues with your foundation.  Making sure the gutters are cleared will allow water to flow effectively off your roof.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Unfortunately, some storms are too strong for any of the above safety measures, and your best option is to make sure that you’re covered financially.  Choose an insurance policy that will cover most or all of the cost of constructing a new roof or making expensive roof repairs.  

These are a few of the steps you can take to prevent extensive roof damage during hurricane season.  Contact us if you need help with your property claims in Orlando, FL today.

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