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Five Tips to Prevent Mold Growth after Water Damage

Five Tips to Prevent Mold Growth after Water Damage

Five Tips to Prevent Mold Growth after Water Damage

When you suffer from water damage in your home, you need to be thorough in drying and cleaning the area before you resume life as normal.  If you fail to fully dry and restore the areas that were damaged by the water, this can become a breeding ground for mold growth.  Mold is one of the worst things that can grow in your home undetected, causing health issues and difficult-to-remove issues in your home.  As insurance adjusters that work with many property claims in Hillsborough County, we see many homes that have not been thoroughly dried after water damage.  These are a few tips to follow to prevent mold growth in your home after suffering water damage.  

Dry the Areas Completely

When you ensure that the area is completely dry, you remove any growing potential for future mold.  When you dry the area within the first 24-48 hours after it was damaged by the water, you prevent any water stains from developing.  If water stains develop, it can become moldy eventually. If this occurs, you will want to consider additional remediation of the area.

Inspect the Surrounding Areas for Moisture

Although you may assume that you have dried the area completely, you need to take the time to inspect any nearby areas that may have been affected.  By neglecting this part of the process, you can end up with mold growth in areas that you may have never thought it would grow.  Check for damp spots or pooling water, as these are places mold will grow.  Even if the water damage is outside along your foundation, you need to clean it.  If mold grows here, it can find its way into your home.

Throw Away Damaged Materials

If you have any materials or belongings that were damaged by the water, you will need to remove them from your home.  By leaving them in your home, the moisture trapped inside or on these belongings can pose hazards to all the nearby items.  If the construction materials, like drywall, have been wet, you will need to replace these boards immediately.

Smell for Any Strange Odors

Odors are good indication that mold may be growing undetected in your home.  Take the time to follow any strange odors and find the cause of the smell.  Inspect for any moldy smells after you remove the water from your home.  When you smell these odors, contact the professionals for a deeper inspection.

Replace Any Affected Belongings

Just like any construction materials that may have been affected, you need to also remove any belongings that were affected.  If you have towels, rugs, doormats, carpets, or other belongings that were exposed to the water damage, you need to replace them with cleaner and drier materials and throw away the old items.

By following these tips, you can work to prevent mold growth in your home after you have water damage.  When you have water damage in a small area, it can be easier to restore your home and fully dry the area.  To file property claims in Hillsborough County with the help of our adjusters, contact Five Star Claims Adjusting to hear about how we can maximize your settlement today.

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