Four Mistakes to Avoid in the Insurance Claims Process

Four Mistakes to Avoid in the Insurance Claims Process

Four Mistakes to Avoid in the Insurance Claims Process

Have you just started the difficult insurance claims process with your homeowners' insurance company?  Are you wondering how you can best position yourself for the settlement you need?  When your home, business, or property is damaged, you will want to receive the insurance compensation that you rightfully deserve and need to repair and restore your life.  However, it is not always that simple.  As a public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, we understand how to advocate for the policyholders.  These are a few of the mistakes you will want to avoid in the insurance claims process.

Not Mitigating Damages

It is your responsibility to mitigate potential damages from occurring that can actually make the damages much worse than they should be.  For example, if your home is flooding, you should do everything you can to prevent further water damage.  Turn off the water at the source, unplug all electronics, and start to dry the area as best as possible until the experts come out to help.

Waiting Too Long to File

Many people that suffer damages don't realize how many repairs they need until it is too late.  They may put off this process or make assumptions about the extent of damages, only to realize that it requires more money than expected.  By waiting too long to file, you lose the ability to fully assess the damages right after they occur.  This can lead to a lower settlement that may not even be worthwhile, as the area will not look as damaged later on in the process.  Make sure to file quickly after damages occur to best position yourself for the full compensation you need.

Not Documenting the Damages

Many people are unsure of what to do after they suffer damages to their home.  This causes people to forget to document all of the damages before they begin their repairs.  Because this can also be an emotionally difficult time, people simply jump right into the next steps of the process.  However, this mistake can cost you settlement money.  Take your time to provide your insurance company with all of the proof of damages by taking pictures, providing receipts, and showing any other issues that occurred as a result of the incident.

Not Hiring Your Own Adjuster

Insurance companies partner up with their own adjusters, and these are the individuals that they will send out to your home to assess and estimate damages.  However, they are working for your insurance company, not for you.  To protect your interests, you should hire your own public claims adjuster so that you have the advocacy you deserve throughout this process.

These are some of the most common mistakes that can occur in the insurance claims process that can be costly to your settlement.  When you are working with our public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, you will have the support and guidance to avoid these mistakes.  Contact Five Star Claims Adjusting to hear how we can help you with your insurance claim today.

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