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Four Tips to Maximize Your Property Insurance Payout

Four Tips to Maximize Your Property Insurance Payout

Four Tips to Maximize Your Property Insurance Payout

Whether it be fire, water, wind, or some other disaster, when you find that your residential property has been damaged, it leaves you alone to prove that you suffered loss.  It is your responsibility as the policyholder to manage your property claim too. You want to be fully compensated based on the terms of your insurance policy.  Let's be honest.  The process of filing and following through with an insurance property claim is complex.  On top of the normal complexities, if the damage you suffered is major, it will only be more complex. To help you navigate this process, you will want to follow these tips to maximize your property insurance payouts.

Do NOT Base Your Knowledge on Television

There are a lot of fancy ads, shows, and 'information' that circulates on television. The insurance industry, and it is an industry, spends billions of dollars in order to convince clients they are their friend. Yet, year after year, judges are still witness to people being taken advantage of by insurance companies.  How do they do this you may be asking? They simply reduce the claims payout in order to bolster their own profits. Even their “friendly” representatives are not really your friend. They have a job assigned to them, and that job requires they save as much money for the company as possible.

Educate Yourself

If you can show that you are not ignorant to the way the insurance property claim process works, it will show that you won't easily be taken advantage of. Your insurance company and claims adjuster will be more generous with the payout because they will recognize you are showing what you know involving the process. Here are some key points of showing your knowledge:

  • What is and is not covered by your policy.
  • Follow your policy's claim process outline.
  • Document Everything
  • Share all your Documentation with your adjuster
  • Negotiate

Stay Diligent

Like we said, it is a complicated process dealing with property claims.  It can be time consuming and incredibly stressful. Just keep pushing through when it gets tough keep in mind the reward.  Basically, you want to keep pushing through regardless of how hard it is going to get.  Those who accept the first insurance settlement offer often get low-balled.  Stay diligent and do not accept less than what you need to make repairs and replacements.

Seek Help from a Public Claims Adjuster in Central Florida

You can always seek out professional help with your property claim.  It will help lessen the stress and allow you to get the best possible payout for your damages. By professional help we refer to CPA, legal advisors, and public claim adjusters.  Public claims adjusters are ideal for getting your maximum payout. They care about the client as opposed to the claims adjusters who work for big agencies.

These are just a few of the ways that you can maximize your insurance settlements for your property claims.  When you are working with a public claims adjuster in central Florida, you can also increase your payouts.  Contact us to hear about how we advocate for you as a policyholder today.

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