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Four Ways Hailstorms Damage Your Roof and Surrounding Property

Four Ways Hailstorms Damage Your Roof and Surrounding Property

Four Ways Hailstorms Damage Your Roof and Surrounding Property

Hailstorms are notorious for damaging the homes of many roofs. When a hailstorm comes through your area, you will be protected by the roof that is over your head.  However, the roof itself cannot be protected from the damaging aspects of a strong hailstorm.  Hail can be the size of a golf ball, if not bigger, and this can cause damages like dents, loosie materials, and damaged shingles.  If you suffer extensive roof damage, you may even be eligible for a roof replacement assessed by a public claims adjuster in Polk County.  These are a few ways that hailstorms can damage your roof.

Dents in Your Roofing Materials

Many people also suffer from dents in their roofing materials after a hailstorm comes through the area.  Because hail can be up to the size of a golf ball, it can create large issues when you have a metal, aluminum, or other solid material on your roof.  Dents are the most popular damage complaint because they are the most visible to homeowners from the start.  

Loose Materials

In addition to causing dents, hailstorms may also cause the materials on your roof to become loose.  This occurs especially with shingles.  You may notice that shingles have flown off or become missing from their original spots.  If the damage is only sparse, many people can repair these issues quickly.  However, if the damage is extensive, you may lose water resistant properties of your roof, and this will call for a more difficult repair job.  You will want to trust the professionals to inspect the extent of the issue to prevent any leaks from coming into your home.

Lost Granules from Your Shingles

Hailstorms cause extensive damage to your shingles.  One of the first things you may notice if you have a shingled roof is that many of your shingle granules are now missing.  Heavy winds and brutal force of hail will cause the granules to come loose.  You may notice these granules on the ground along the perimeter of your foundation or you may see them clogging your downspouts.  Shingles are typically still functional after minor granule loss, but over time, they deteriorate sooner than expected.  Roofs should last at least ten years, but repeated loss of granules will degrade it sooner.

Clogged Gutters and Downspouts

When the debris blows around during a storm, you will notice more branches, leaves, shingle granules, and other debris collect in your gutters and downspout.  When this occurs, you will want to remove these issues immediately to prevent poor water drainage.  As time passes, these will clog your gutters, which can cause water to pool on your rooftop.  Eventually, this could cause the roof to buckle if the water gets heavy enough.

These are just a few of the common types of roof damage that hailstorms cause to your home.  When you suffer from property damage from a hailstorm, you will want to trust our public claims adjuster in Polk County to help you with your claim.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you get started with your property claim today.

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