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Four Ways that Smoke Can Affect the Contents of Your Home

Four Ways that Smoke Can Affect the Contents of Your Home

Four Ways that Smoke Can Affect the Contents of Your Home

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.  This saying applies to many things in life, but in its most literal meaning, it applies to the damage that is left behind when a fire is extinguished.  When you suffer from a fire in your home, you are left with extensive damage to your property, belongings, structure, and much more.  This can lead you to file property claims in Polk County even if you have no idea how to get started.  Fire damage causes many more issues than people realize because of the smoke that it leaves behind.  These are some of the ways that smoke can affect the contents of your home even when the fire is gone.

Damages Electronics

Many people are concerned about their fabric, clothing, and upholstery when they suffer from a fire in their home.  However, electronics are also affected by smoke damage, even though they are often ignored.  Soot can work its way into the electronics, causing damage to the wiring and function of these areas.  

Requires Replacing Appliances

If the fire does not destroy your appliances, the smoke might.  Although appliances are often constructed with heavy metal that can withstand fires, direct exposure can cause them to become irreparable.  This is especially true if a fire occurs inside the kitchen or laundry room of your home.  The heat from the fire can melt the electronic components of your appliances, and the soot from the smoke can cover the electronics and destroy its ability to function.

Destroys Wood and Drywall

The interior structure of your home may also be affected greatly by smoke exposure.  Drywall actually sustains the most damage of anything in the home.  The drywall in the ceiling will absorb much of the smoke and soot when the fire rises, which can cause the structure in the floorboards and ceiling to weaken.  White ceilings may become blackened with damage, and this may require extensive restoration or full replacement.

Causes Health Concerns for the Family

Smoke exposure can be damaging to the health of the entire family.  This is one of the main reasons why you may need to relocate when your home is being restored and repaired after a fire.  Smoke exposure can cause many respiratory problems, eye irritation, and skin damage.  Get your family to safety outside the home as soon as you suspect that a fire has broken out in your home.

These are a few ways that smoke affects your home after the fire is extinguished and gone.  Smoke damage lingers for much longer, and it requires extensive restoration or replacement to even get your home back to its original state.  If you need help with your property claims in Polk County, contact us to hear how we can help you today.

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