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Hiring a Public Claims Adjuster Versus Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a Public Claims Adjuster Versus Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a Public Claims Adjuster Versus Hiring a Lawyer

When your property has suffered significant damage, more than you can ever hope to pay off on your own, you may wonder whether you should hire an independent claims adjuster or an attorney to represent you. At first, you may choose to move forward on your own. This involves calling your insurance company and filing a claim. After a bit of back and forth and some phone tag along with endless chats with the claims adjuster hired by your insurance company, the insurance settlement offered to you is a fraction of what you feel like your claim should be worth according to your policy. It is essential to understand that if this is a problem you are experiencing, you do not have to accept your insurance company's offer. An attorney or a public insurance adjuster can help you negotiate a much higher settlement on property claims in Hillsborough County.

The role of a public insurance adjuster.

Public insurance adjusters are claim adjusters that work on behalf of a policyholder to help them collect the largest settlement possible for their insurance claim. Most public adjusters help with claims involved with property loss and damage, but some specialize in other types of claims as well. Qualified public insurance adjusters should have a non-resident license or a state license, lots of references from people who will give them outstanding reviews, and plenty of experience in the type of claim you have filed on your insurance.

Most people never even consider hiring a public insurance adjuster because insurance companies immediately provide them with their own claims adjusters. Policyholders are prone to accepting this help because insurance claims are challenging to work with. However, it is essential to remember not to follow an insurance claims adjuster’s advice blindly. The insurance company employs them, so their job is to work on behalf of the insurance company to pay as little on your claim as possible and maximize the company's profits. It is not in their interest for you to receive full financial compensation to get your life back on track. You will work with one or both of these types of adjusters whenever you file an insurance claim:

  • Staff Adjusters- These adjusters are insurance company employees and are hired to represent their interests. Their goal is to pay you the least amount of money possible to settle your claim.
  • Independent Adjusters- These adjusters work for an independent adjusting firm but still work on behalf of your insurance company on an as-needed basis. Even though they aren't a full-time insurance company employee, they still work for them and are hired to represent the insurance company's interest, not yours.

It is not surprising that even the most experienced and honest staff or independent adjuster can potentially undervalue your insurance claim. Therefore, when you hire a public insurance adjuster, you ensure that you have an advocate with experience to work against the insurance company’s adjusters on your behalf.

When should you hire a public insurance adjuster?

Your first line of defense against greedy insurance companies is hiring a public insurance adjuster. Some insurance companies do offer fair settlements and quality customer service.  If you feel comfortable with the independent or staff adjuster your insurance company has provided for you, you may not have to hire a public insurance adjuster. On the other hand, if you experience any of the following problems, hiring a public insurance adjuster or attorney is likely in your best interest.

  • You think the insurance company has processed your claim incorrectly and is not offering you the amount of money you're owed.
  • Your current claims adjuster is terrible at communicating, confusing, or frustrating.
  • You are not comfortable with the settlement your insurance company is pressuring you to accept.
  • You have an insurance policy that is difficult to understand.
  • You are too busy to handle your claim by yourself.
  • You are unfamiliar with the general claims process and assessing damages.
  • Your property loss is valued at over $10,000

When to hire an attorney.

If you are getting nowhere with your insurance company even after working with a public insurance adjuster, you may consider hiring a lawyer. Seeking the help of an attorney is best when coverage and payment negotiations with your insurance company have reached a standstill, your insurance company has denied you coverage, or they have refused full payment of your claim, and you want to sue them. It is important to note that you must contact an attorney while your case is still within the statute of limitations to be sure your case is viable. In addition, you should let your lawyer handle all communication with the insurance company after you hire them.

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