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How to Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Home

How to Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Home

How to Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Home

Are you concerned that you have mold or mildew growth in your home?  If your home has suffered from flooding, leaking pipes, or draining issues, you may be susceptible to issues like mold or mildew growth that can wreak havoc on the structure of your home.  If you have suffered from extensive water damage, you will also want to file property claims in Hillsborough County to get compensation to cover repairs and restoration.  Before you pick up the phone to call your insurance company and your insurance adjuster, you will first want to prevent any mold from growing in your home by following these tips.

Check Your Plumbing for Leaks

Leaking pipes and plumbing issues that are behind your drywall can present problems that you may not notice until it is too late.  By checking your plumbing on a routine basis, you can ensure that there are no faulty or leaky pipes allowing water to seep into your home undetected.  When water sits in your home for a long period of time, mold and mildew will start to grow.

Make Sure to Dry Areas Completely

If you do not dry the water completely, the mold will persist.  After you have water damage, you need to ensure that the area is properly and completely dried out so that you do not encounter any issues with mold or mildew.

Keep Lights on in Moist Areas

Moist areas that are exposed to light are less likely to have mold or mildew problems.  These nuisances favor dark and moist spaces and exposing wet areas to light can help to eradicate your problems before anything grows.  These lights will also aide in drying any unwanted moisture that may be stubbornly hanging on in the corners.

Run a Dehumidifier

You should have fans, vents, and dehumidifiers in your kitchen and bathroom, as these are areas that are prone to moisture damage.  By running these devices, you can remove the moisture from these rooms.  It is especially important to remove moisture from your small spaces, like bathrooms, as these can become quick breeding grounds for mold problems.

Reduce Humidity with Your AC

Running your AC also helps to decrease the humidity of your home.  During the hot months, you should ensure that your AC is running to reduce any water-related issues and growth of any mold or mildew problems.  By doing this, you also keep your house comfortable, cool, and safe.  

These are a few of the ways that you can prevent mold from growing in your home.  When you suspect that your home has mold from extensive water damage, you may want to file property claims in Hillsborough County to receive compensation that will help with the restoration process.  Contact our public claims adjuster to hear how we can help with your claims process today.

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