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Need to File an Insurance Claim? Follow These Six Steps

Need to File an Insurance Claim? Follow These Six Steps

Need to File an Insurance Claim?  Follow These Six Steps

Have you recently suffered damages due to flooding, wind, storms, or weather in general?  Have you been the victim of a theft or burglary in your home?  When you have damages or losses to your property and belongings, you will be able to rest-assured knowing that you have a strong insurance policy.  To get the compensation you need for repairs and replacements, you will need to file property claims in central Florida.  Here are a few steps that you need to be prepared to make to file your claim.

Contact Your Insurance Company

One of the first things you need to do when you suffer from property damage is to contact your insurance company.  As a policyholder, you will want your insurance company to pay for the repairs and replacements that you need to perform to restore your property.  Call them to inform them of the issue so that you can get the process started.

Fill Out the Documentation

When you file a claim, there will be many different types of paperwork that you are required to fill out to get the process underway.  You want to be sure that you fill out the documents in a timely manner to keep the process moving forward.  Because the insurance claims process can take weeks or even months, you need to move quickly on your jobs to avoid delays.

Mitigate Damage and Protect Your Belongings

Your insurance company will want to see that you have done the work to prevent further damage.  For example, those that have suffered from water damage should be able to indicate that they have worked to resolve the leaks or water issues, including removing any belongings from the area.

Provide Receipts and Evidence

After you suffer damage, you will want to take pictures and search for receipts to provide proof of the belongings and their worth.  When you have the evidence to show your insurance company, you can provide them with the right amounts that you need to cover the repairs and replacements.

Submit a List of Damages or Losses

Your insurance company will ask you to submit a list of all the damages and losses to your property.  When you can provide even more evidence and images of the damage, this will work in your favor.  Supply them with as much information as possible so they can make the most accurate estimate of your damages.

Talk to an Adjuster

An insurance adjuster can work on your claim so that you have someone advocating for you in the process.  When your insurance company sends out their adjuster, they will be working in favor of your insurance company.  Be sure that you have your own support, too.

These are a few of the steps you need to take when you need to file property claims in central Florida.  If you have recently suffered damages from weather or losses from an unforeseen event, you will want to work with an insurance adjuster that has your interests in mind.  Contact Five Star Claims Adjusting to hear more today.

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