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The Ultimate Hurricane Preparation Checklist

The Ultimate Hurricane Preparation Checklist

The Ultimate Hurricane Preparation Checklist

Do you live in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes?  Heavy rainfall, strong winds, and other forceful weather patterns can wreak havoc on structures, cars, properties, businesses, and anything that crosses a hurricane's path.  As a property insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, we have worked with many homeowners to settle their damages claims in the aftermath of a hurricane.  To prepare yourself for these events, follow this ultimate hurricane preparation checklist.

Tools and Supplies

In the event of a power outage, you will want to be prepared with the right supplies to make and store food, have access to light and heat, and charge your devices.  This will keep you connected and informed about any potential other threats to your area, and it will also keep you safe while you wait for any emergency responders.  You will want to have propane tanks, portable chargers, stocked coolers, plastic utensils and paper products, toiletries, batteries, battery-powered lanterns and flashlights, and a manual can opener.

Food and Water

You will also want to stock up on nonperishable food items and bottled or jarred water.  Consider storing canned food in your basement, cellar, or pantry in the event of a hurricane.  Also, keep gallons of water in your home in case you lose the ability to get fresh water from the tap.  To have water for bathing, consider filling your tubs with water to prepare for the hurricane.  Also, stock up on food that lasts a long time right before a storm heads your way.

First Aid Supplies

Be sure to pack any important medications or prescriptions for your loved ones in a safe place in the event of an emergency.  You should keep a seven-day stash somewhere so that you can access it if you need to evacuate quickly.  Also, assemble a first aid kit with necessary antiseptic, bandages, wound dressings, and other important medical supplies in case of injury.


Many people may neglect to consider the documentation that will be helpful in the event of a hurricane.  Consider investing in a fire and water-proof safe to keep your entire documentation collection safe during bouts of extreme weather.  Make sure to keep paperwork, like your identification, homeowners' insurance policies, wills, medical records, deeds, and other important documents safe and close by during storms.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

In the event of an extreme disaster, you will always want to have a backup plan.  How will you get out if you need to evacuate?  Make a plan that consists of a communal spot to meet if you all get separated, local emergency numbers if you need assistance, or a map of any emergency routes that you have preplanned.  

These are some of the items that you'll want to store in your home in the event of a disastrous hurricane.  When a hurricane occurs, you will want to be prepared to stay safe, have the necessary supplies, and have a plan.  As a public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, we can help you with any damages that occur as a result of a hurricane in your area.  Contact us to hear how we can help today.

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