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What to Do When Your Property Insurance Claim is Denied

What to Do When Your Property Insurance Claim is Denied

What to Do When Your Property Insurance Claim is Denied

Are you concerned that your insurance company has denied your property insurance claim?  Are you wondering what you can do to reverse this decision?  You should rest-assured knowing that you can actually do something when your insurance claim is denied, no matter how hopeless you may feel.  As a public claims adjuster in Polk County, we help many policyholders with their denied claims, even when they think there is nothing to be done.  Here are a few of the steps you can take when your property insurance claim has been denied.

Know Your Coverage

Before you take the time to fight your denied claim, take a second hard look at your insurance policy.  Read the fine line of your homeowners’ insurance policy to see if there is something that you missed the first time around.  Are your losses or damages really covered by your policy?  Do not make any assumptions before you choose to move forward with the process and do your work to ensure that your fight is worthwhile.

Understand Why It Was Denied

Talk to your insurance company to ask why the claim was denied in the first place.  Request more information so that you can gain insight into why the claim was not considered for further action.  By understanding this information, you will be able to adjust and move forward with your claim the right way.

Document Your Losses

Although it may seem like you have already done this, you will want to go back to the beginning and document your losses and damages.  Take pictures and be thorough when it comes to providing your insurance company with evidence of your losses.  By being more thorough, you may end up getting your insurance company to take on the claim once again.  

Talk to Your Own Adjuster

This time around, you should consider hiring your own public claims adjust in Polk County to work through your claim.  Your insurance company will send out their adjuster, but this individual is working in conjunction with their best interests.  You need to have someone that is working with your interests in mind so that you can have the best outcome when you file your claim again.

File an Appeal

Once you have decided that it is worth it to re-file your claim, you will want to file an appeal.  This will start the process that could lead to the insurance compensation that you deserve to pay for restoration and replacements of your property and belongings.

These are a few of the steps you should take when your property insurance claim has been denied.  With the help of our public claims adjuster in Polk County, you can take the steps that you need to resolve your claim and get the insurance compensation you deserve.  Contact us to hear how we can help you today.

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