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Why You Should Use a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster in Hillsborough County

Why You Should Use a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster in Hillsborough County

Why You Should Use a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster in Hillsborough County

Have you recently just suffered from property damage from an unforeseen circumstance?  Has your home been damaged by fire, water, wind, or other weather elements?  It can be frustrating, scary, and sad when your home is destroyed or damaged from severe weather or other accidents that you never even saw coming.  However, rest-assured that your homeowners' insurance policy will protect your investment and give you money to make repairs and replacements.  Once your home is damaged, you will want to start the insurance process by hiring a public insurance claims adjuster in Hillsborough County to advocate for you during the claims process.   There are a few great reasons to hire your own public insurance adjuster.

We Give You Free Estimates

Most public insurance adjusters will not charge a fee to come out to your home and provide you with an estimate on the cost of your damages.  They will take the time to determine whether they can provide you with the assistance you need before you need to make any formal payment or agreement.  Once you choose to work with an adjuster to file your claim, the payment agreement will then be decided on.  

We are Licensed Professionals

When you are looking for someone who is trustworthy to estimate the damages of your home, you will want to choose a reputable, licensed, and insured company.  At Five Star Claims Adjusting, we protect your from any scammers that may come your way after a severe storm leaves your community damages and destroyed.  We provide you with quality and expert estimates based on experience and training.

We Have Experience to Handle Your Claims

Our trained professionals have the experience that you want to advocate for you.  We are experts in the field of insurance, so we know what to look for, how to estimate damage, and what specifically to look for when inspecting property loss.  We also work with a network of other professionals, like attorneys and contractors, which can assist with this process.

We Work for YOU

Many policyholders choose to have their own adjusters instead of using the insurance company's preferred adjusters.  An insurance company's preferred adjuster will likely be working for their best interest, not yours.  By hiring your own professionals, you make sure that your interests are at the forefront of their services, as we are working directly for you.

You Have Nothing to Lose

These are a few of the ways that a public insurance adjuster can help you settle your insurance claim and receive the compensation you need to restore your home.  While you focus on rebuilding your life, our public insurance claims adjuster in Hillsborough County will help to total your losses and settle your claim.  Contact the experts at Five Star Clams Adjusting today.

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