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5 Obstacles You Might Encounter When Filing a Property Claim

5 Obstacles You Might Encounter When Filing a Property Claim

5 Obstacles You Might Encounter When Filing a Property Claim

Have you filed a property claim without the help of a professional public insurance claims adjuster in Hillsborough County? The process of filing and settling your property claim may bring up more complications or confusion than you originally expected. These interruptions can be personal as well as from other businesses. Here are the common obstacles you might encounter when filing a property claim.

Extra Expenses

It is a good idea to account for all the expenses in your claim. These may include cleanup, repair, and damage expenses. Generally, they do not matter much. You can get them back from the insurance company. However, it can become challenging to claim these expenses if not documented. The ideal solution to this problem is to document your expenses as the claim continues. It will help you receive all the money spent back on the business.

Actual Cash Value

If your house has suffered damages, you become eligible to receive the Actual Cash Value, also known as ACV. The amount of ACV is claimable as the due, and it’s a better approach to consider before moving to replacement options. It also helps flow the cash early while the replacement estimates are being done.

However, determining the accurate Actual Cash Value can be challenging. Asset ledger is used to determine the ACV of your property, which can show the depreciated value rather than the current market value. The other common method uses value of the property according to the buyer’s demand.

Insurance Disputes

Disputes related to coverage is one of the most common issues many people face during property claim. Unless the insurer notifies the adjuster about investigating your property claim, the insurance company will not be able to know any pending coverage.

You need to notify the insurance company of serious issues that must be taken care of promptly, like the danger of increasing hazards. Even though all valid claims will be processed, the insurers will negotiate with you to settle on a lower amount.

Indemnity Impact

The indemnity Impact period refers to the estimated time it will take for your property to get repaired. After the repair is done on the property, the period of indemnity impact ends. Any claims related to your property could lead to a huge cost impact if it isn’t settled in the given time. To avoid any loss or impact, ensure that the installation and the timeline have been discussed and settled before the starting date of the repair.


Although it is the primary contributor to any property claim, the correct documentation and its presentation can become an overwhelming process. Any insurance claim requires supporting documentation to start the process, and in case of unavailability of any can lead the whole claim process to a halt.

The commonly used documentation for a property claim can be photos, receipts, and proof of ownership, depending on the coverage type. If you want your property claim to become a smooth process, it is highly recommended to secure your documentation.

You can face some obstacles while filling a property claim, and they can often make the process tiring. However, you can make the procedure easy with the right knowledge of terms, conditions, and documentation, or help. Contact our professional public insurance claims adjuster in Hillsborough County to hear how we can help you today!

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