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How to Know if You Need a Public Claims Adjuster

How to Know if You Need a Public Claims Adjuster

How to Know if You Need a Public Claims Adjuster

The insurance claims process can be stressful. Most insurance claims are addressed by adjusters employed by your insurer, though there is an additional option. Many property owners use the services of a public claims adjuster in Central Florida to work on their behalf. Our experts offer the following information on the insurance claims process to help you determine whether you need a public claims adjuster.

Understanding claims adjusters

An adjuster from the insurance company investigates car, and home insurance claims to determine whether the insurance company is required to cover a loss. An adjuster is assigned to your property loss claim to determine the extent of damages and how much your insurer should pay for your loss. This process involves personal interviews with you and any other parties involved, including witnesses, while inspecting records and gathering evidence. Afterward, the adjuster verifies your claim and determines the monetary amount in damages your insurer is liable to pay for repair or replacement.

There are three categories of claims adjusters:

  • Staff adjusters work for your insurance company.
  • Insurers hire independent adjusters during high-volume claims situations like tornadoes or hurricanes.
  • Public adjusters are hired by policyholders to represent their interests and are not employees of an insurer.

While insurance companies usually make every effort to settle property damage claims fairly, there are situations where claims are incredibly complicated, or you disagree with a settlement offer where outside claims assistance is helpful.

Reasons to hire a public claims adjuster

Staff adjusters settle the majority of insurance claims. Your insurer employs these representatives. If your insurer is inundated with an influx of claims due to a disaster, they may hire an independent adjuster to settle your claim. These professionals still work on behalf of your insurance company. If your property loss claim is complicated or extensive, you need help navigating the claims process, or you disagree with an offered settlement, you may benefit from the assistance of a public claims adjuster in Central Florida. It is crucial to keep in mind that these adjusters handle claims in your interest, not the interest of your insurer.

Hiring a public adjuster may be helpful when you do not have the skills or time to manage your claim, suffer a complicated or substantial loss, or disagree with a staff adjuster’s determination and prefer an outside perspective. There are, however, drawbacks to using a public adjuster. For example, you have to pay a public adjuster a percentage of your insurance settlement, and hiring them may mean you do not have the same level of control over your insurance claim.

The cost of a public adjuster

It is your choice of who to work with because public adjusters work for you. You will be required to pay the adjuster you choose for handling your claim. Pubic adjusters do not typically have fixed fees, so prices vary and are generally negotiable. Sometimes you can pay a flat fee, and other times you will pay them a percentage of the settlement determined through the claims adjusting process. You do not have to pay for a staff adjuster or independent adjuster, but their connection to your insurer can sometimes be problematic.

Navigating insurance claims is not always easy. Contact us today if you are interested in hiring a public claims adjuster in Central Florida. We are here to help.

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