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Hurricane Damage That May Require You to File an Insurance Claim

Hurricane Damage That May Require You to File an Insurance Claim

Hurricane Damage That May Require You to File an Insurance Claim

Hurricanes range in severity, but they bring strong gusts of winds and heavy rainfall that can destroy property and homes in its path. Mild and severe damages can result when a hurricane comes through your area. Roofs, walls, trees, power poles, and other properties and possessions can be severely damaged or ruined. This can also damage your bank account too, unless you are protected by a homeowners’ insurance policy. When you have insurance, you can file property claims in Orlando, FL to get the compensation you need for restoration. These are common types of hurricane damages that may result in a property claim.

Roof Damage

For starters, the wind in the heavier hurricanes is enough to completely take off your roof. The wind, rain, and debris can cause extensive damage to your roof. If you have no roof, you have no shelter. However, if the roof was already in need of repair, your claim could be denied. There are many factors in property claims when roofs are involved. That being said, you will always need to file a claim when a hurricane decides it's going to tear the roof off.

Equipment Damage

If your business falls victim to a hurricane, you may find that your business itself is fine, but equipment may have been severely damaged which interrupts our business' profitability. If your work equipment is expensive to repair/replace, and your insurance covers said equipment, then you definitely need to file and insurance claim for compensation.

Interior Damage

It is easy to look around the aftermath and think of external damages and claims needed to repair them. However, your interior can suffer greatly from Hurricanes. For starters, when the storm is strong enough to damage doors, windows, and roofs, you are at risk of your interior being damaged as a chain reaction. There are hidden dangers of these storms though, mold growth. Mold damage is increased in likelihood after hurricanes spin through. Be wary of your policy's limitations on these damages.

Tips For Successful Claims

Now, almost any covered property on a policy should have a claim for it if you find it damaged after a heavy storm/hurricane. However, there are always loopholes and hold ups that favor the insurance company's bottom line. We will help explain some issues that can hurt policyholders when filing a claim. Below, you will find issues to avoid that will help you be prepared for your property claims to be covered in full and in a timely manner:

  1. Failing to return to the property and document damages done, while not doing anything to help prevent any future damage (Tarping roofs that have been torn or shutting off water supply valves/gas lines).
  2. Failing to have appropriate documentation, paperwork, and the financial figures ready for the insurance adjuster(s) who arrive to inspect damages to your property for the insurance company.
  3. Not being ready with accurate costs of repairs or value of property
  4. Not Understanding Obligations and Rights

While these issues may seem like common sense, in the heat of the moment, it is easy to make mistakes or fumbles. Hiring your own public insurance adjuster to work on your property claims in Orlando, FL can prevent these issues from happening. Contact us to hear about how we can help you settle your claim today!

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