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Property Loss Due to Theft and Vandalism

Property Loss Due to Theft and Vandalism

Property Loss Due to Theft and Vandalism

Nearly 4 million burglaries happen in America annually. Therefore, it is imperative to clearly understand your insurance policy coverage for vandalism and theft claims to ensure you are adequately protected. Insurance companies often separate claims for theft and vandalism as individual claims even when they both occur during the same event. If these claims are not investigated and appropriately presented by the insured, their carrier can handle them separately, requiring two deductibles.

An experienced public adjuster can initially outline the difference between the two issues during their initial investigation of your claim. A descriptive police report of the incident can make a massive difference in the outcome of claims processing. Hiring a qualified public adjuster can assist you in ensuring that no damage is overlooked resulting from forced entry and help recover the best possible settlement for your losses.

Damaged property due to vandalism and theft

There are a variety of damages that can happen to your property in the event of vandalism and theft, including:

  • Broken locks and doors
  • Broken window frames and glazing
  • Damaged fixtures
  • Water damage from removing plumbing systems, mechanical units, and appliances.

Property that has been stolen is defined as theft. Claimants and property owners may discover that there are many surprising limitations to property theft claims, including:

  • Tea sets, trophies, trays, and silverware
  • Timepieces and jewelry
  • Guns and related equipment
  • Tapes, player, discs, and other electronic apparatus
  • Cash
  • Items in motorized vehicles when they are stolen

On the other hand, malicious mischief and vandalism are the deliberate damage or destruction of someone's property without permission. These differences make it crucial to hire a public claims adjuster for these types of claims.

Tips for handling theft and vandalism claims

  • Contact local police immediately and get a copy of the incident report
  • Find insurance policies related to the claim you are filing
  • Document all damages and losses with photos and a list of property damages
  • Locate any supporting documentation for the stolen item’s proof of ownership
  • Contact a public adjuster for assistance with property claims in Central Florida
  • Promptly report the losses to your insurer

Work with your public adjuster to create a claim management strategy and plan for moving forward

Determining if you also have property damage

The initial theft and vandalism claim documentation is vital to providing adequate evidence of the loss to your insurer. Taking videos and photographs of the scene will help show necessary documentation and solidify your claim. This should be documented early on, as this evidence may not be available later. Seeking the advice of a public adjuster early in the process can be helpful in the documentation process.

Many property owners fail to identify and understand the extent and nature of the damages they have experienced. Public adjusters have the trained eye and expertise to immediately understand the scope of repairs. They will thoroughly investigate your property, perform testing when required, and identify all damages, even those not noticeable with the naked eye. It is essential to address these issues early to present a comprehensive claim for vandalism and theft to the insurer.

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