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Why Your Insurance Company Hires Claims Adjusters

Why Your Insurance Company Hires Claims Adjusters

Why Your Insurance Company Hires Claims Adjusters

If you have ever made property claims in central Florida against your homeowner’s insurance, you have likely dealt with a claims adjuster. Your insurer hires claims adjusters, but you may wonder what their role is in the claims process and why insurance companies hire them. Let’s take a closer look:

Claims adjuster types

Three different types of insurance claims adjusters work in the field, and each carries a different kind of license.

  • Independent claims adjuster- is contracted by an insurance company but not an actual employee.
  • Staff claims adjuster- does the same job as an independent claims adjuster but is an insurance company employee.
  • Public claims adjuster- is hired by a policyholder to represent their interests and ensure the best possible settlement according to policy limits.

What claims adjusters do

Your insurance company hires most claims adjusters to investigate property loss claims. When you file a claim with your insurer, the claims adjuster usually visits your property to assess and analyze the validity of your claim. In many cases, claims adjusters are not employed directly by your insurer but work for external organizations. While these adjusters will appear impartial to most policyholders, they usually act in favor of the insurance company that hired them. In some cases, they even recommend denying your claim altogether.

Why insurance companies hire claims adjusters

If your claim is complex or involves a large amount of money, they will send a claims adjuster to investigate. Claims adjusters are hired to determine whether your loss is covered according to your policy and recommend a settlement amount based on their damage assessment investigation. After you file property claims in central Florida, a claims adjuster will likely be your first point of contact. They will visit your property to assess the damages on behalf of your insurer. During this visit, you can expect the claims adjuster to:

  • Record the extent of your property damage
  • Take pictures or videos
  • Ensure that your property is secure
  • Advise you and your insurance company on their opinion of the best course of action in the future.

Based on these duties, the claims adjuster will prepare a report on everything they found. This report will include the amount of damages you are claiming, whether the terms of your policy cover the loss and whether you have met your policy requirements. Then they will provide this report directly to your insurance company.

Why you should hire your own claims adjuster

You can choose to hire a public claims adjuster to represent your interests and assist you with the claims process when you make property claims in central Florida. They will represent you to get the maximum settlement you are entitled to under your policy limits. They can also recommend reputable contractors to help you with repairs on your property.

Dealing with a property loss claim can be complicated and time-consuming when you are not an industry expert. Public claims adjusters have the experience and expertise in the insurance industry to handle your claim efficiently and effectively. So, call us today for the representation you deserve!

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