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Reasons You Need to Invest in Flood Insurance

Reasons You Need to Invest in Flood Insurance

Reasons You Need to Invest in Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is one of those items that only a few people pay attention to. You might not have flood insurance even if you've owned your house for a long time. Many people who have homeowner's insurance haven't purchased flood insurance as well. However, you need to invest if you live in a region with even low-risk flood possibilities. Our expert on property claims in Hillsborough County explains some of the most notable reasons to protect yourself and your home from floods with flood insurance.

Flooding Is An Incredibly Common Natural Disaster

Flooding can be a natural disaster, but it also frequently comes along with other natural disasters. For example, hurricanes, monsoons, tornadoes, and earthquakes can all lead to flooding.

Don't assume that you will be protected from flooding, even if the natural disaster you encounter isn't technically a flood. Because there are many things that can lead to flooding in the region around you, home flooding is surprisingly common, meaning you need to pay attention to it and take action to prevent it early on. At a base level, keeping your house safe from natural disasters generally means keeping your home safe from flooding.

Low and Moderate-Risk Areas Flood Too

Most homeowners in high-risk flood areas have flood insurance, because they legally have to or recognize it's a good investment for the risk. However, too many individuals in low and moderate-risk areas forgo insurance because they believe it's unimportant. You might believe it's just not enough of a risk, so you'll be better off taking your chances. Many flood insurance claims come from low- or moderate-risk areas, proving that it's critical for safety. The only way to be unassailable from floods is to be in an entirely no-risk area, so flood insurance can still be a beneficial option even in low-risk areas.

Flood Cause Severe Damage

When you pay for flood insurance, you protect yourself against a flood repair that could be extremely expensive. It's easy to underestimate how costly flood repairs are, but floods can cause tremendous pressure on your home and create problems with the foundation that you can't see at first glance.

Standard Home Insurance Doesn't Cover Flooding

This example is the source of many misunderstandings. For example, standard homeowner's insurance includes one type of flooding, but it's only internal flooding, when something occurs in your home, like a pipe bursting, and floods the inside of your home. If this kind of thing occurs, your typical homeowner's insurance will shield it, and you can put in a claim for those issues.

However, a standard home insurance policy doesn't protect against "Acts of God," like flood events from a storm. It would help if you had third-party flood insurance through FEMA or a private insurer. If you're looking for specific flooding insurance that will shield you in the case of a storm, you need to make sure that you get that insurance either from FEMA or from the same insurance provider that you get your home insurance from, which is a possible alternative.

These are some reasons you need to invest in flood insurance.If you need assistance with property claims in Hillsborough County call us today. We are here to help.

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