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What to do when your Roof Claim is Denied for 'Wear and Tear'

What to do when your Roof Claim is Denied for 'Wear and Tear'

What to do when your Roof Claim is Denied for 'Wear and Tear'


No one wants to deal with the expense and stress of repairing or replacing a damaged roof. That's why many homeowners and business owners rely on their insurance policies to cover the cost. However, sometimes insurance companies may deny your roof claim for 'wear and tear' or other reasons. It's important to understand why claims get denied and what you can do about it. In this article, we'll discuss what to do if your roof claim is denied and how to fight back.


1. Understand Why Your Claim Was Denied

When your roof claim is denied, it's natural to feel frustrated and confused. However, before you take any further steps, it's important to understand why your claim was denied. There could be several reasons why your roof claim was rejected, such as poor maintenance, lack of documentation, or policy exclusions. Review your policy documents carefully and consult with your insurance agent to determine the reason for the denial.

2. File a Reconsideration Request

Once you understand why your claim was denied, you may want to file a reconsideration request with your insurance company. A reconsideration is a formal request to reconsider a denial decision. This is your opportunity to provide additional information or evidence to support your claim. Make sure to provide all necessary documents and explain why you believe your claim should be covered.

3. Hire a Public Adjuster

If you're struggling to get your claim approved, it may be time to hire a public adjuster. A public adjuster is a licensed professional who can represent you in your negotiations with your insurance company. They can help you evaluate your claim, gather evidence, and negotiate a settlement that adequately covers the cost of your repairs. Public adjusters work on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid if you receive a settlement.

4. File a Complaint with the State

If your insurance company still denies your claim after you've exhausted all other options, you may want to file a complaint with your state's insurance department. Each state has an insurance commissioner who oversees insurance companies and investigates consumer complaints. Filing a complaint can be a lengthy process, but it can help you get the resolution you need.

5. Consider Legal Action

If all else fails, you may want to consider taking legal action against your insurance company. This is a serious step that requires the assistance of an attorney. You may be able to file a lawsuit for breach of contract or bad faith practices. However, legal proceedings can be expensive and time-consuming, so make sure to weigh your options carefully.



Dealing with a denied roof claim can be frustrating and overwhelming, but you don't have to handle it alone. By understanding why your claim was denied and taking the right steps, you may be able to get the compensation you need for your repairs. If your roof has suffered damage from a storm and need the assistance of an insurance claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, don't hesitate to contact Five Star Claims Adjusting to schedule a free inspection and determine if you have a valid insurance claim. Our team of experienced public adjusters can help you navigate the claims process and get the compensation you deserve.

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