Four Reasons Your Insurance Company May Be Delaying Your Claim

Four Reasons Your Insurance Company May Be Delaying Your Claim

Four Reasons Your Insurance Company May Be Delaying Your Claim

Have you filed a property claim with your insurance company a while ago and still haven't reached any settlement?  The insurance claims process can be lengthy and time-consuming.  It can also be full of delays or period of silence, which can be incredibly frustrating for homeowners relying on settlement for their repairs.  When you work with our quality public claims adjuster in Hillsborough County, we will fight with you to urge the insurance company towards a settlement in a timely fashion.  There are a few common reasons why your insurance company may be dragging their feet to settle your claim.

They Want Earlier Settlement

Insurance companies may delay your case in order to get you to settle with the earliest proposed settlement.  This settlement offer will typically be less than the compensation you'll need to actually restore all of your belongings and property to its original state.  In order to avoid paying more than they have to, they may delay this offer so that you'll likely grow tired of waiting and accept it.  

They're in High Demand

When a natural disaster strikes an area, the insurance company is likely swamped with claims they need to settle.  This means that they may not actually be able to pay your claim at this time, which can lead to major delays.  Often times, when hurricanes come through south Florida, insurance companies have many delays in trying to meet all of their clients' claims.

They Want Interest Payments

When the insurance company makes a settlement offer, they no longer have that money in their bank account.  They may actually be delaying your payment because they still want to collect an interest payment from this money.  Even though it may only amount to a small amount of money, every penny adds up.  If they do this with many of their customers, they may actually be saving hundreds of dollars each time.

They Are Still Working

Insurance companies work with many different individuals, including repairmen, public adjusters, attorneys, and more.  These individuals may also be in high demand or have a conflicting schedule that makes communication between parties difficult.  If this occurs, it can delay your settlement.  When you hire people that are reliable and accountable, they will help to settle your case in a timely manner so that you can move on with your life sooner rather than later.

These are a few of most common reasons why your insurance company may be taking their time to officially settle your claim.  If you are experiencing many delays or lack of communication with your insurance company, you'll want the support of our public claims adjuster in Hillsborough County to get you through the process.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you today.

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