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Four Tips on How Pool Owners Should Prepare for Hurricanes

Four Tips on How Pool Owners Should Prepare for Hurricanes

Four Tips on How Pool Owners Should Prepare for Hurricanes

Do you own a pool in the heart of Florida?  Most likely, you are familiar with the many hazards that come with living in south Florida, such as living near the ocean and being susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes.  The extreme weather associated with hurricanes has many Florida homeowners scrambling to protect their property.  In case any damages need to be reported to your insurance company, you'll want to work with a quality public claims adjuster in South Florida to get what you rightfully deserve.  One of the best ways to avoid any damages is to prepare.  There are four tips on how pool owners should prepare for hurricanes that are approaching.

Turn Off Your Electric

Whenever a storm is approaching, you will always want to take extra precautions by turning off any power that runs to your outdoor spaces.  Circuit breakers should actually be turned off at the main panel in your home to avoid any issues that can be caused by high winds.  This will help to spare your pool equipment, like filters, pumps, and heaters, from becoming damaged.

Keep the Pool Full of Water

Homeowners need to be sure to keep their pool full of water before any hurricanes come their way.  The water in your pool will add weight, which will help to keep the pool in the ground.  An empty pool will be more susceptible to wind damage and can be lifted or pop out of the ground.  Excessive rain can also disturb the balance of the ground water, which will make a pool swell and pop out of the ground.  Having a full pool makes this much more difficult, if not impossible.

Add Extra Chlorine

Whenever high winds strike your area, they will cause debris to fly around your property.  Things like branches, yard furniture, landscaping, and any other unsecured materials can find their way into your pool.  This will contaminate the water, which can cause many issues in the long run.  We recommend adding extra chlorine and pool shock to prevent contamination.  Using an algaecide will also help to prevent organic contaminants from taking up space and growing in your pool water as well.

Keep Your Pool Uncovered

It may seem counterintuitive to keep your pool uncovered during a hurricane, as you may assume that covering your pool will keep it more protected from contamination.  However, storms can cause branches and debris to damage your covers.  This can be an expensive repair.  When the debris falls directly into the water, the water can be treated and the debris can be removed.  Prevent any unwanted damage by keeping your pool uncovered when a hurricane is approaching.

By following these four tips, you will be able to protect your pool from incurring additional damage when a hurricane is headed your way.  As you put in place the precautions to protect your property, be sure to remember to take care of your pool and outdoor features as well.  If you happen to notice damage after a hurricane comes through your area, you will want to trust our public claims adjuster in South Florida to help you through the insurance process.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you today.

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