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Roof Issues that Can Lead to Extensive Damage and Expensive Repairs

Roof Issues that Can Lead to Extensive Damage and Expensive Repairs

Roof Issues that Can Lead to Extensive Damage and Expensive Repairs

Are you the owner of a commercial property or business building?  When you own a business, you want to do everything you can to maintain the property and keep it in optimal shape.  This involves caring for the outside the building, including and especially the roof.  As experts that deal with many property claims in South Florida, we see many damaged roofs that have required expensive repairs or replacements.  When you can, you should prevent these issues from destroying your business.  There are a few roof issues that you will want to maintain to prevent extensive damage and expensive repairs.


Leaks are always indications that there are issues with your roof.   This can cause extreme damage that can lead to mold growth, destroyed interior spaces, and expensive roof repair.  To prevent leaks, you will want to ensure that the moisture barrier on your roof is in optimal shape.

Pooling Water

When you notice that water is pooling on your rooftop, you will want to locate the cause of this issue immediately.  Roofers can take a look at your roof to determine compressed insulation or too much treading on the rooftop.  When water pools, it can eventually begin leaking or even destroy the ceilings of you interior space.


Punctures will also allow the interior spaces of your building to be exposed to the weather.  To prevent this issue from occurring, you should avoid walking on the rooftop.  If you need to walk on the roof, use shoes with smooth bottoms to avoid making any punctures.  When you notice any punctures on the rooftop, seal them immediately.


Many roofs are prone to shrinkage, which is caused by too much sun exposure or faulty installation.  This issue is typically seen on single-ply roofing surfaces.  Shrinkage can eventually lead to moisture problems, so you'll want to fix cracks and tears immediately when you notice them.


Blisters are caused when pockets of air are trapped between the layers of the roof.  When the sun heats up the rooftop, it will cause blisters to form.  These blisters can eventually lead to water problems and degraded structural integrity of your entire roof.  To save yourself from costly replacements, take the time to inspect your roof for these issues.


One of the best ways to keep your roof in great shape is to provide routine care and maintenance.  Roofs need to be regularly maintained, and this might not always be easy.  Routine inspections and maintenance will ensure that your roof stays in optimal condition, which will save you from costly repairs.

These are just a few roof issues that can cause extensive damage if they are left neglected.  When you have suffered from roof damage that requires expensive repairs or replacements, you'll likely want to file property claims in South Florida.  Contact us to have the right advocates on your side throughout the insurance process.

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