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Three Facts You Should Know About Public Insurance Adjusters

Three Facts You Should Know About Public Insurance Adjusters

Three Facts You Should Know About Public Insurance Adjusters

Have you suffered damages to your Florida property after a storm or bout of extreme weather?  Are you looking to settle with your insurance company for damages?  Many people may not be aware of the fact that in order to settle with your insurance company, you will also need to work with an insurance adjuster.  When you use a public insurance claims adjuster in South Florida, you will allow the process to go much smoother.  These professionals are able to guide you through to process and provide open communication between you and your insurance company.  Before you get started, there are a few facts you should know about public insurance adjusters.

They are Affordable

Many people believe that insurance adjusters are expensive, and they often opt out of their services.  However, they actually work until they reach a settlement for you.  When the settlement is reached, they receive a small percentage as fee for their work.  Typically, their work pays for their fee.  This is because an insurance adjuster will work harder to receive a larger settlement, which means that they will actually get you more money than their fee anyways.

They Can Even Help You if Your Claim is Closed

If you are unhappy with a recent settlement that was reached with your insurance company, you will likely be able to defend your stance with the help of an insurance adjuster.  They will be able to look closely at your case and determine whether the settlement was fair or not.  Although it may seem as though the case is closed, it is actually subject to being defended by the right public insurance adjuster.  If you want to get what you deserve, you'll want to hire their services.

They Will Fight for You

When you choose your own insurance adjuster, you are also choosing an advocate to fight for you.  Be sure that you choose an insurance adjuster that has experience with the types of damages you have experienced.  Whether you have suffered storm damage, theft, hail damage, or even mold damage, you want to be sure that they have knowledge to properly assess these damages.  Their assessment becomes the basis for your entire settlement, so choose the right advocate for your case and they will fight for you to get what you deserve.

These are just a few facts about public insurance adjusters.  Many people are unaware of the role of a public insurance claims adjuster in South Florida until they need to use one.  Because our job requires us to meet people when they are vulnerable and disappointed by a tragedy to their home or property, we want to clear up any misconceptions before we begin our job.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you through this difficult process today.


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