10 Tips for Success when Dealing with Insurance Companies

10 Tips for Success when Dealing with Insurance Companies

10 Tips for Success when Dealing with Insurance Companies

Understanding an insurance policy can be a challenging thing. So it is not surprising that filing a claim on a homeowner's insurance policy can be especially difficult, as well. The level of difficulty worsens if there is extensive damage or a complex claim.

Suppose you are one of many Americans who suffer a loss and are forced to file an insurance claim. There are things you can do to help make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible. Our public claims adjuster in South Florida, offer these 10 tips for success when dealing with insurance companies.

Read your policy

Even though insurance policies seem impossible to understand, it is essential to be at least aware of what the coverage in your policy means. Not understanding your homeowner’s policy can lead to disappointment and struggles during the claims process.

Have the right coverage

Before deciding on a homeowner's insurance policy, it is crucial to contact an experienced insurance agent to help you avoid any errors. Be explicit about the type of coverage that you expect and what you need from an insurance policy. Always ask any questions about things that you don't understand about the policy that is being offered.

Have a home inventory

It is imperative to take an inventory of your home and keep a comprehensive list of all your possessions if you ever have extensive damage and need to file an insurance claim. Working from memory after a disaster often leads to forgetting items that could be included in your insurance claim.

Always maintain your property.

Failing to maintain your property can lead to big problems that a homeowner's policy will not cover.

Communicate clearly

Clear communication when filing a homeowner's insurance claim can distinguish between having coverage or not having coverage.

Do not wait

Never wait to file an insurance claim because the damage does not improve with time. However, reporting the claim as soon as the damage happens can help get repairs moving faster and lessen the time you're dealing with the repair process.

Never undergo complicated claims alone.

Insurance claims that involve extensive damage to the home can benefit from a public claims adjuster South Florida early in the process. This adjuster will work with you, on your behalf, to deal with the insurance company’s adjuster and be sure that you have all of the proper documents and meet all of the critical deadlines.

Document the damage

Having baseline photos of your home and all of the things in it can be helpful when filing insurance claims. Then, once the damage is done, you can take pictures of what things look like afterward. An insurance adjuster can then clearly see the damage that has been done to your home.

Don't clean up too soon.

After an accident or disaster, you might be in a hurry to clean up the mess left behind. However, it is important to leave things be until an insurance adjuster has the chance to assess the damage so that you can be reimbursed for the damage done.

Don't file too many claims.

Insurance companies always look at your track record for claims when setting your rates. Claims submitted in the past 7 years can be located by insurances through an industry exchange database. The more claims you have in your history, the more expensive your premiums will be. This is because insurance companies connect past claims to a higher risk of more claims in the future. So whenever possible, pay for repairs yourself instead of filing an insurance claim.

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