Three Facts about Public Insurance Adjusters

Three Facts about Public Insurance Adjusters

Three Facts about Public Insurance Adjusters

Have you just suffered damages to your home?  Are these damages the result of a storm, hurricane, wind, rain, floods, fires, or other unforeseen incidents?  When you have suffered damages to your home because of instances out of your control, you may be eligible for insurance compensation from your homeowner’s insurance carrier.  These policies are put in place to protect you from moments just like these.  However, your insurance company will be looking out for their own best interests throughout the claims process, which means that you may want to consider hiring your own advocates.  That is where a public insurance claims adjuster in South Florida comes into play.  These are a few facts that you should understand about public insurance adjuster and how they can help you.

We are Hired by the Policyholder

When your insurance company comes out to estimate the cost of your losses and damages, they will send one of their own adjusters.  These individuals will evaluate your damages, but they will be working in favor of the insurance company.  Many policyholders do not like this, and they will hire their own adjusters.  Our public insurance adjusters will then come out and do our own evaluation to estimate the cost of your damages and losses.  We will be able to fight for the fair and full settlement to your claim.

We Also Negotiate for the Policyholder

As licensed insurance professionals, we also offer more services than just estimation services.  We will work to ensure that the policyholder gets the proper compensation they need to restore, replace, or repair their homes and belongings to their original state.  We also possess negotiation skills that help policyholders make educated decisions when they are offered settlements from their insurance company.  When these settlements are too low for what they need, we help to negotiate to bring these numbers up so that the homeowners can get what they deserve.

We Ensure the Claim is Handled Properly

When you trust your insurance company to give you a fair estimate, you may not know that you are entitled more.  This may lead you to accept a lower settlement offer than you need to make repairs, but you may not even realize this until it is too late.  However, with the help of a professional insurance adjuster, you have the insight that you need to make the right choice before it is too late.  We will work for the policyholder to ensure that the claim is handled properly by the insurance carrier.  When low settlements are offered, we will adjust the numbers until things are done right.

By understanding the role that insurance adjusters can play in settling your insurance claim, you can make an educated decision on whether you want to hire them for the job.  Once you know the value they bring, you will want them on your side.  Contact us to get started with our reputable public insurance claims adjuster in South Florida today. 

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