Using a Public Insurance Adjuster for Large Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Using a Public Insurance Adjuster for Large Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Using a Public Insurance Adjuster for Large Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

People with experience will tell you that a public claims adjuster is worth their weight in gold. In many cases where insurance companies refuse to pay the entire loss on an insurance claim, public adjusters will help settle the insurance claim in your favor. Public adjusters work independently of insurance companies who charge you nothing for their adjuster services. A public adjuster will require somewhere between 10% and 20% of your settlement for their work on your case. They will work on your behalf to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to lowball clients on more significant property claims. Hiring a public claims adjuster for expensive, large, or complex claims can pay off for you in the future. Many people feel that you should call an adjuster anytime you feel like you are being shortchanged on a claim by your insurance company.

How public insurance adjusters work.

Public adjusters advocate only for policyholders, unlike insurance company adjusters who have to keep the insurance company’s needs in mind. Public insurance adjusters are trained and licensed insurance professionals who choose to work on behalf of the public instead of working for big insurance companies. Adjusters hired by insurance companies are forced to represent the company's financial interest and convince policyholders to accept the lowest settlement amount possible.

A public adjuster’s interests are directly tied to a policyholder's interest, and the adjuster will work to negotiate fair and total compensation for their insurance claims. Because public claims adjusters in South Florida represent their clients, they are often more thorough with damage analysis than a company adjuster would be. This is due to their training and loyalties to the policyholder instead of the insurance company. While there's no magic loss amount that determines when you should call a public adjuster, considering one when you are sure you're not being offered the total amount of loss on a claim is smart. Public Adjusters also work to help you keep track of deadlines and essential paperwork.

What to expect during a large homeowners insurance claim.

Large insurance claims can get confusing exceptionally quickly. For instance, if a tornado hits your house and you're living in a hotel room, your insurance company will likely assign three different adjusters to work on your insurance claim. One adjuster will manage damage to your dwelling, the second will manage your personal property claim, and the last will handle your additional living expenses.

Preparing and presenting a successful insurance claim requires a meticulous approach to ensure a quality settlement. A public claims adjuster in South Florida can fully explain the process during a stressful and confusing time and work on your behalf to handle emails, phone calls, meetings, and paper documents that more significant claims require. You are at a disadvantage when you have experienced a total loss of your home or considerable damage to your property. The time needed for the detailed paperwork and the lengthy settlement process can leave you physically and mentally exhausted. Most policyholders know little to nothing about insurance and claims processing, making matters worse. Policyholders are in unfamiliar territory when dealing with multiple insurance adjusters. The only way you can ensure being on an even playing field with the insurance company is if you hire a public claims adjuster.

Many routine claims do not require a public adjuster because a company adjuster can do the job effectively. In fact, in most cases, policyholders do not need public adjusters. That being said, public adjusters can be worth their cost in a large claim or total loss event. It is also essential to keep in mind that if you don't like the claims adjuster assigned to you by your insurance company, you can request a new insurance adjuster.

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