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What to Understand about Restoring Your Home after a Fire

What to Understand about Restoring Your Home after a Fire

What to Understand about Restoring Your Home after a Fire

Fire cleanup and restoration is one of the most extensive restoration processes to get your home back to its original condition.  It may take months to fumigate your home from the spoke damage, and it can take even longer if the fire spread throughout your entire home.  Because of this, many homeowners may choose to move to a new home instead of performing the repairs.  For those that have suffered from fire damage, you will likely work with your insurance company to get compensation for your property claims in South Florida.  These are a few things that you should understand about fire restoration in your home.

Have Patience

When you first start restoring your home after a fire, you will want to start by having patience.  This process will likely take longer than you want or anticipate.  It will even likely require you to relocate while the restoration takes place.  By having patience, you can start the process with the right mindset and understand that it will get done properly in time.  These are things you cannot necessarily control, so you should just let the professionals do their job.

Contact Professionals Quickly

By starting the insurance process quickly after the fire is out, you will be able to move quicker on getting the restoration process started.  The faster your insurance company is informed about this damage, the faster your restoration company can get to work.  Before the restoration begins, you need to take pictures and have estimates by the adjuster.  This will give them an adequate and realistic assessment of the damages, which will help you maximize your settlement.

Secure Your Property

When the restorations are being completed, you will need to find somewhere else to stay.  Although this may be inconvenient, it will be the best thing for your family.  However, when you leave your property behind, you need to take the steps to secure it.  This may mean you need to board up windows and other exposed openings or doors.  Put tarps over any holes in the roof to prevent even more damage or theft.

Educate Yourself on the Lasting Health Effects of Fire Damage

Breathing in smoke is dangerous for your respiratory system, so it may be beneficial to be checked out by your doctor.  To prevent any issues to your health if you were at home during the fire, you may want to be evaluated for any lasting injuries, burns, skin issues, or respiratory issues.  Take the time to learn about the long-lasting effects of fire exposure so that you can keep yourself healthy and safe.

By understanding these facts, you can better prepare yourself for restoring your home after a fire.  When you suffer from a fire in your home, you will want to work with a team of professionals as you go through the property claims in South Florida.  Contact Five Star Claims Adjusting to hear about how our insurance adjusters can help you today.

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