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4 Tips for Successful Insurance Company Negotiations

4 Tips for Successful Insurance Company Negotiations

4 Tips for Successful Insurance Company Negotiations

Negotiating is a part of life. Whether you are a homeowner dealing with an insurance claim settlement, a business professional trying to seal a deal, or a parent dealing with an angry toddler, it is critical to know how to negotiate. But negotiating is not something that comes naturally. Most people have difficulty negotiating because they do not understand how it will benefit them. Our public claims adjuster in South Florida offers the following practical tips for negotiating with your insurer:

Your first offer is not your final offer

Your insurance company will make an offer to you based on their evaluation of your claim. The keyword in this is 'their.' Keep in mind that you are not required to accept their offer. Experts always recommend bringing in a professional to assess the situation and present them with your representative’s evaluation of the damages. Insurance companies are a business, so they always focus on making money. They have a whole team of people looking out for their interests, so you certainly need someone looking out for yours.

Contact a public claims adjuster in South Florida

When you are dealing with loss or damage to your property, and you need to file a claim with your insurance, an experienced public adjuster can direct and assist you through the entire claim process. They will represent you and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best claims settlement possible to return your property to its previous condition.

Do not sign unless you understand the offer fully

You should never sign a release of liability or final settlement offer until you fully understand the offer details. Most insurance companies want their clients to settle quickly to save time and money. In addition, they hope to wrap things up as soon as possible so they will not be liable for any other damages that may happen due to the issue that initiated the claim. Therefore, it is much more beneficial to you to take plenty of time to understand the details of the settlement before signing off on it.

Document all insurance company contact

This is essential in case you end up in court with your insurer. Having evidence to support your case is critical. This means keeping detailed accounts of every interaction with claims adjusters or other insurance representatives. In addition, record all conversations and save all email correspondence when possible. Finally, always remember that you are in negotiations with an insurance company. With this knowledge in mind, you should understand that there is room for argument and leeway for adjustment with every claim. Still, a public insurance adjuster can be a powerful tool for insurance claims negotiations.

Do not forget these tips for negotiating with your insurance company successfully. Contact us today for assistance from a public claims adjuster in South Florida. We have the experience and expertise to handle the details of your claim, negotiate on your behalf, and help you get the claims settlement offer you deserve based on the language and limitations of your policy.

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