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6 Things That Need To Be Replaced After Fire Damage

6 Things That Need To Be Replaced After Fire Damage

6 Things That Need To Be Replaced After Fire Damage

Technological advancements have made cleaning up property after a fire much more straightforward than in the past. However, cleaning items is not the best option after a fire or extreme heat exposure in some cases. Fire can damage some items so severely that it renders them ineffective and possibly dangerous. Our expert on property claims in South Florida presents the following things you should always work with your insurance company to replace if they have been damaged by fire:

Electrical wiring

There may be hidden faults in damaged electrical wiring that make it a fire and electrocution hazard. It would be best always to have your electrical wiring inspected after a fire. Any damaged or melted wiring requires replacement, even when the wire insulation looks slightly damaged. After a fire, the last thing you want is to be doubly traumatized when another one breaks out.

Structural framing and other damaged wood

It is essential to replace any damaged framing around the property. Any charred wood is weaker than it was designed to be. This could be catastrophic in the event of an earthquake or other stress on the structure's frame. Never allow contractors to leave behind charred wood for you and your family’s safety and wellbeing.


 Heat will weaken glass, so it could be on the brink of shattering even when it appears clean and intact. No one wants to close their window just to be left standing in a pile of shattered glass. If you will be handling glass items during the cleanup, it is essential to wear long sleeves and gloves to protect yourself from the dangers of broken glass. Also, avoid wearing open-toed shoes in case it shatters on your feet.


It is nearly impossible to clean or cover up burned carpeting. While it is possible to cut out the burned carpet and install a new section, the new carpet is probably not from the same lot, meaning it may not match perfectly in color. In addition, smoke damage leaves an unpleasant smell in fabrics, so a better idea is to replace all the carpeting in the room if some of it has been burned.

Food items

Any food items in the fire’s vicinity should be disposed of and replaced. Fires produce a high level of heat that can render food unsavory or potentially make it toxic to eat from chemicals leaching into it from packaging. Therefore, it would be best if you never risk your health or safety by eating food products exposed to the extreme heat produced by a fire.


You should not use cosmetics or skincare products that have been exposed to high heat or fire. The extreme heat put off by a fire can react with the chemicals in skincare products and cosmetics, making them ineffective and potentially dangerous. Therefore, it is always best to dispose of them properly and replace them instead of salvaging them.

These are just a handful of things that need to be replaced after a fire. Contact us today for assistance with property claims in South Florida. Our public adjusters can handle your claim for you, negotiate on your behalf, and get you the settlement you deserve according to your insurance policy limitations.

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