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Five Electrical Fire Prevention Tips to Protect Your Home

Five Electrical Fire Prevention Tips to Protect Your Home

Five Electrical Fire Prevention Tips to Protect Your Home

According to studies, electrical problems cause nearly 51,000 fires annually in America. Sadly, they also cause an average of 1,400 injuries, 500 deaths, and about 1.5 billion dollars in damages. Therefore, it is critical to know how to prevent electrical fires with such a significant risk. Our public claims adjuster in South Florida suggests these electrical fire prevention tips to keep your home safe.

Unplug appliances when you are not using them

Heat-producing appliances are some of the most common causes of home electrical fires. They can burst into flames or malfunction when left on for extended periods. Because of this risk, you should always unplug electric kettles, irons, heaters, curling irons, and other heat-generating appliances when you aren't using them. This small act can protect you, your household, your home, and neighbors from the risk of injury, property damage, and death from a preventable electrical fire.

Use power cords with three prongs

Power cords with three prongs are grounded power cords. There is a critical purpose for the third prong: protecting your home and appliances in case of a power surge. If your house only has two-prong outlets, it is better to speak to an electrician about updating your electrical system instead of just using adapters. Updating your outlets and using grounded cords in your home will protect your pets, family, and you from the dangers of electrical fires.

Dispose of devices with cord damage

Using anything with a damaged electrical cord is extremely dangerous. It is always best to dispose of anything with a damaged cord or have the cable professionally replaced for safe use than to use a product with a faulty electrical cord. Avoiding the use of anything with a damaged electrical cord will help you shrink the risk of a possible electrical fire that may lay waste to your home, destroy your personal property, or leave you dead.

Follow instructions for appliance use

Most of us overlook reading the microwave or toaster user manual. But, reading these manuals is wise to ensure that we understand warnings and directions that are meant to prevent malfunctions and the risk of electrical fires. Also, you can usually register your new appliances to be informed about updates, recalls, and other helpful product information. Having a clear understanding of your appliances is a smart way to decrease the risk of an electrical fire in your house.

Make electrical system updates

If you have an older home with knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring, your dwelling is at an elevated risk of electrical fires than a newer model home. Think about upgrading your home's electrical system with more modern wiring choices. A professional electrician can help you update your system, reduce your electrical fire risk, and keep your home safer.

Practice these electrical fire prevention tips to keep you and your family safe from the elevated fire risk. If you have experienced an electrical fire and need assistance from a public claims adjuster in South Florida, call us today for a free consultation.

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