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Four Secrets Your Insurer Does Not Want You to Learn

Four Secrets Your Insurer Does Not Want You to Learn

Four Secrets Your Insurer Does Not Want You to Learn

The average policyholder has little experience filing property loss claims. This point can easily be taken advantage of by your insurance company. Insurers frequently try to slide things past a naïve homeowner. Our public claims adjuster in South Florida exposes these secrets your insurance company does not want you to learn.

Insurers don't want you to employ representation

This one is likely pretty evident, but the last thing your insurance carrier wants you to do is to hire a lawyer or public claims adjuster. Public adjusters intervene with insurance companies on behalf of their customers, haggling better payments and driving for higher dollar amounts. It is in your insurance company's best interest to close a claim as quickly as possible while yielding the minimum amount of money mandated by law to resolve a claim. They don't want you to engage a lawyer or public claims adjuster because it frequently leads to them paying you much more than expected.

Independent adjusters don't work in your best interest

Three different types of adjusters might work on your property claim.

Public Adjuster: A public claims adjuster works for a policyholder representing their best interests.

Company Adjuster: A company adjuster is an insurance company employee assigned to manage claims.

Independent Adjuster: An independent adjuster is employed by your insurer for different situations, like when there is a conflict. Your insurer pays an independent adjuster per claim, so they aren't full-time employees.

When speaking with your insurance company, they may represent the independent claims adjuster as "being on your side" or "your friend." In reality, an independent adjuster is a contractor reimbursed by your insurer. Their job is to safeguard the best interest of your insurer. So don't be fooled into believing an independent adjuster has your back.

Your insurance company does not want your claim going to court

Like any experienced negotiator, your insurer will behave like they are ready to go to court. They may pretend to be alright with letting the case go to court if you have a conflict. In reality, your insurer does not want your claim to go in front of the courts. It is invariably in their best interest to compromise with you outside of a courtroom. Never be fooled into thinking your insurer is satisfied to go to court. It is just a negotiation tactic, much like other techniques they employ.

Insurers pay millions of dollars yearly to politicians and lobbyists

No one enjoys getting sued, even your insurer. This is why they spend millions of dollars on lobbyists and politicians. They aim to restrict policyholders' freedom to sue insurers who operate in bad faith. Some states have laws preventing policyholders from suing their insurers. So, even if your insurance company acts in bad faith, you have a restricted course of action for acquiring the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies in these states are fully conscious of their advantage and are not scared to use it against you.

These are just some of the secrets your insurance company doesn't want you to learn. So contact us now for help from a public claims adjuster for property claims in South Florida. We are here to help!

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