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Underpaid Insurance Claims and What to Do About Them

Underpaid Insurance Claims and What to Do About Them

Underpaid Insurance Claims and What to Do About Them

Most people understand that public adjusters can help with property damage insurance claims. But did you realize they can assist with underpaid insurance claims? We know that sometimes an insurance company underpays, but they don't always mean to or do so on purpose. But, if your claim was inaccurately filled out or did not contain all of your damage, that might be why it returned underpaid. Those are just a couple of examples of why a claim might be insufficient. There are numerous other causes; however, what's essential is that you get the proper amount to restore your property damage. Our public insurance claims adjuster in South Florida is here to help. Read on to understand better why your claim was underpaid and how we can help.

Why Your Claim was Underpaid

There are numerous different reasons you may have received an underpaid claim. But one thing to remember is that it was likely not the insurer shorting you purposely. It may seem that way, but odds are it comes down to your claim and documentation. The prevailing rule of thumb is to document property damage as soon as you experience it. This documentation includes photos, videos, and notes you want to take. The more documentation and proof you have, the better your claim. After all, an insurance claim is basically you reporting your damage to the insurance company. Without these photos and proof, your insurer cannot know how serious the situation is. On the other hand, if you didn't have documentation or evidence, it may be why you were underpaid.

Another thing worth contemplating is the claim. Are you convinced you filled it out accurately? If not, you should have somebody else fill it out next time, or you might want to pursue help. If you do not accurately testify to the damages, that might be why the offer is low. Remember that claiming the damage isn't too bad on your claim will mirror compensation.

Fixing an Underpaid Claim

The great news is that you don't have to accept being underpaid. Your insurer knows you may have made an error on your claim and that they might have made a misstep, too. That is why there is an appeal opportunity. With this option, you do not accept any of the money offered by your insurance company and start the process from the beginning. It's a second chance, so getting the claim right is critical. This is where most individuals seek assistance with their insurance claims. We are happy to assist you with an underpaid insurance claim. Your local public insurance claims adjuster in South Florida can represent you to your insurance company and resubmit your insurance claim. That way, you know everything is accurate the second time around. When everything is completed correctly, there is little likelihood of being underpaid.

However, you should contact us as soon as possible. You only get so much time to initiate and conclude the appeals process. So, the sooner you contact us, the better. Call us now for more details!

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