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What to Expect When Making a Fire Loss Insurance Claim

What to Expect When Making a Fire Loss Insurance Claim

What to Expect When Making a Fire Loss Insurance Claim


If you experience a fire loss, it can be an incredibly stressful and frightening experience. In addition to the direct physical damage caused by the fire, there can also be unexpected damages that are often overlooked during the claims process. To ensure you get the best possible outcome when filing your insurance claim, it’s important to understand what kind of damages you should expect when making a fire loss insurance claim.


Damage from Smoke and Soot

One of the most common—and most underestimated—forms of damage from a fire is smoke and soot damage. Smoke and soot can travel throughout your home or business, leaving behind deposits on walls, furniture, appliances, floors and even in air ducts. These particles are extremely corrosive and can cause extensive damage if not properly addressed immediately after the fire. It’s important for adjusters to take into consideration any smoke or soot damage when writing up their coverage estimates for repair or replacement costs.


Damage from Water  

Another type of damage caused by fires is water damage due to the efforts taken by firefighters to extinguish the flames. This water damage can range from minor staining along walls and ceilings to major structural issues like mold growth due to standing water in inaccessible areas like crawlspaces or attics. Thoroughly inspecting all areas affected by water is essential for ensuring that all potential sources of water-related damages have been accounted for in your insurance claim.


Damage from Heat  

Heat-related damages occur due to intense temperatures generated by fires which can cause warping and other structural problems with wooden items like furniture, cabinetry, flooring or walls as well as plastic items such as electronics or toys. Heat-related damages may not be immediately apparent but could become noticeable over time if left untreated. A public adjuster will look for subtle signs of heat-related damages during an inspection that may otherwise go unnoticed during a standard assessment of your property following a fire loss.



Making an insurance claim after experiencing a fire loss can be an overwhelming process due to unknown variables such as smoke and soot damages, water damages, heat related damages and more that might not otherwise be taken into account when considering repair or replacement costs during the claims process. Working with a public adjuster who specializes in fire losses may help ensure that all relevant types of damages are included in your coverage estimates allowing you to make informed decisions about how best proceed with repairing or replacing damaged items at your home or business following a fire loss incident in South Florida. Contact Five Star Claims Adjusting today for help with assessing potential risks associated with making a fire loss insurance claim!

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